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Some Simple Sculptural Studies

Flicking through my sketchbooks, I came across these. Some quick simple sketches on some figurative sculptures that took my eye. I didn’t know where my sculpture was going, but by virtue of making studies, my ideas were able to develop and give me a greater idea of where my sculptural ideas were heading:

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture StudiesMarc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture Studies

I’m embarrassed to share this next image, because I know it’s a study of one of the figures from Rodin’s Burghers of Calais. Whilst, it looks NOTHING like the figure I was studying (it’s so frustrating when you make a study that doesn’t resemble the subject), something I do like about it, is I feel I’ve captured the emotion and expression. The facial expression is of torment, exasperation and fatigue…would you agree?

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture Studies

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