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Sculpting a Sculpture

In my first year at uni, I spent a lot of time sculpting things out of Plaster of Paris. It was a pretty cool medium to be working with – although it did get pretty dusty, pretty quickly. Masks were essential.

Whilst looking through my sketch books I found some of my studies and preliminary drawings that were part of my project. At first I just flicked on through to some other studies, but then thought better and decided to add them here…

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture StudiesMarc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture Studies

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture Studies

I remember at school having to make Plaster of Paris and it was really difficult to make it right. It needs to be the texture of single cream, with no lumps. At uni, I became a demon at it! I was seriously good…the envy of the class. I thanked my trusty notes when watching my tutor explain how to do it…

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog Sculpture Studies

I think my last note is particularly enlightening.

What else can you do with plaster…?

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