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I’ve just joined an exciting new social platform. You might already be familiar with BlogLovin’, but if you’re not, it’s the perfect place to organise all the blogs you follow, in one simple place.

Marc Godfrey's Blogs on BlogLovin

On my profile, you’ll find my two main blogs, as well as all the blogs I follow. Neat huh? With the demise of Google reader, it seems like the perfect place to keep track of my favourite bloggers. There’s also an app for your smart phone, so you get all my Life Drawing blog posts delivered to you on the move!

Follow me on BlogLovin’ here right now!

Thanks! More Life Drawing and Sketches coming soon…

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Animal Studies

Something one of my tutors at art school always taught us, was to keep a sketch book on you at all times. You never know when the opportunity might come up to make a few sketches…but also, never deny yourself the opportunity to practice and refine your drawing! Always draw.

On a trip to the zoo a few years ago, in my bag, was of course, my sketch book. As with all animals, you can never know how long they are going to stay still for, so the need to capture their form quickly and efficiently is very important. Some of the sketches here took me a matter of seconds; trying to train my eye into a sort of camera to get the image down as quickly and accurately as I can.

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog MonkeysMarc Godfrey Sketch Blog Monkeys

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog MonkeysMarc Godfrey Sketch Blog Monkeys

If anything, the need to keep drawing isn’t only about becoming a better artist, it’s also about improving your observational skills. Spotting the little details and getting them into your image. Bringing as much life into your sketch, as there is in your subject.

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog MonkeysMarc Godfrey Sketch Blog Giraffes

These studies were all done at Marwell Zoo, in Winchester…and clearly, that day, I was taken by the primates and giraffes. I love monkeys, they’re so full of character and charm, so are an obvious subject for me. I remember doing some experimental artwork with animal print, which is why I was drawing giraffes, but weirdly, none of my sketches show the pattern of their coat markings and colourings…looks like I was getting distracted  by their grace and balletic poise (I always get distracted, tsk tsk). Aren’t giraffes just so utterly, magnificently majestic?

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog GiraffesMarc Godfrey Sketch Blog Giraffes

Marc Godfrey Sketch Blog Giraffes

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Thanks. Marc 🙂

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Marc Godfrey’s Sketch Blog Starts here…

Marc Godfrey’s Sketch Blog Starts here…

Hello. Thank you for stopping by. Today is my birthday. My name is Marc and I create things visually. Not wanting to sound like a pretentious twit, but that’s what I do. Well, that’s what I’ve always done, anyway.

Throughout my life, I’ve always kept sketch books. When I was little, I would constantly draw. When I got older, I still kept sketch books, primarily for school or college work.

I’ve had art shows, and I’ve worked in the visual arts. That’s all well and good, but I realised that my sketch books, which are in some ways like a diary for me, are just left on my shelves, in boxes or stored away. Their contents aren’t necessarily worthy of looking at (look at me, Mr.Humble), but I wanted to publish them somehow…next thing you know, this idea popped into my head. A Sketch Blog!

So, here it is. In this blog, I will be adding photos and scans of the artwork from my sketch books. I will try and organise my posts through tags and such, so eventually, anyone would be able to look at my work chronologically. What a thrill! Well, in a self-indulgent thrill for me anyway…but hopefully you’ll join me on my journey?

Marc Godfrey Sketch Books

Some of my Sketch Books


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